I have a bracelet that says “Inspire” but I love it more when I’m the inspiree.

The Bloggess (officially my favorite person in the world that I’ve never met… although I personally feel we were MFEO) recently posted a bunch a texts from a friend who she felt needed a blog or twitter. Scrolling through them reminds me of my mother and the ridiculous things she decides to text me to wig me out or because she’s in a room where saying it out loud would be inappropriate.

I’ll give you some texts from mom:

“Remember, Christi.. You are a proud, strong black woman.”
“Just keep saying it over and over. And then tell the interviewer your nickname is Oprah.”

“He is a jewelry cross-dresser?”

“Now they are making her sit for 15 minutes to avoid post shot fainting… nutty.”
“Correction: They are making her sit in anticipation until her anxiety is raised.. Very nutty.”
“P.S. Testing proved nothing more than teenage girls are drama queens. We knew. Thanks.”

“Do you still want toenails?”

“Making Button Flowers with Diane tonight. With M&M’s. And Pink Champagne.”


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Laughter really is the best medicine.
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