You’re Welcome.

I love my family. Every time we do something together, I find myself laughing to tears, or ducking under the table because of an off color statement. To ween you in, I’ll quote my mother:

Mom: “I used the standard ‘do not call unless there’s a fire or someone is bleeding!’ And sure enough I get three phone calls in the middle of my meeting. When I finally answered, I bellowed out, ‘What about the bread? Well, Greg, is the bread bleeding or one fire?!’ *click*”

Lets quote Grandma: “Chris, you’re more than welcome to smoke inside I do it all the time!” (realizing my little sister Emily’s standing right there) “Well… not all the time… but a lot.. *wink*”

And moving on to my little sister, Emily (13 years old):

Emily: “I want to be a writer when I grow up.”

Me: “Okay, well what’s the backup plan?”

Emily: “Backup plan?”

Mom: “Well yes, lets be realistic here, Em. Because writers have real life jobs unless they’re writing one successful hit right after the other.”

Emily: “I wont have a problem with that… but if I do need one I’ll be a teacher.”

Me: “Okay… what are you going to teach?”

Emily: *exasperated sigh* “Writing!”

Lets round back to mom one more time:

Mom: “Gregory! I will not tell you again!”

Greg: “OKAY! I’m right here you don’t need to shout!”

Mom: “I wasn’t shouting because I thought you couldn’t here me, I was shouting for effect!”


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Laughter really is the best medicine.
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