Recommend a Hobby.

I guess today has been interesting. This morning I hypothesized with reasons “a” “b” and of course “c” as to why I personally believe my boyfriend’s room mate was going number two [insert pensive expression here]. After my conclusion, I was reminded to take the dog outside to use the restroom. He did no such thing and proceeded to chase me around the yard. I then considered making the bed. Considered be the key term here, and I’ll leave the outcome a mystery.
I walked out to my car wearing a faded “Boondock Saints” shirt, slippers, a ghastly plaid winter coat, and pajama pants. The neighbors waved. I went to Starbucks and ordered my Americano “dry.”  As with many aspects of my life, I prefer things bitter and strong not sweet and diluted. Needless to say, my Americano had water. I considered turning around to complain. Considered being the key term here, and I’ll leave the outcome a mystery.
I picked up my computer from home to do homework at my mother’s house (generally to eat all of the food and breath their royal air). This resulted in me hacking my step-dad’s wireless printer to use up all the ink on things I don’t need to print. Whoops.
I went outside to read and the next-door-neighbor accosted me about my life decisions and proceeded to inform me that he still has cancer. Delightful.
I burned an omelet.
And then I stepped on the dog’s tail.
After that, I offered to stalk my best friend’s, boyfriend’s, ex-girlfriend for her. I’m an amazing friend. All in all, today has been one of personal amusement. During times like these I wish someone was there to laugh with me so I didn’t have to call people every five minutes to tell them what had just happened and then demand to know where they are like a crazy person. Maybe I should just take up talking to myself loudly as if some one’s there to avoid coming off mental.


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Laughter really is the best medicine.
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