“Whatever you ate, which was very little btw, was just smearing on the side of my truck.”

Well my 21st birthday was a success. I drank a lot, humiliated myself, spilled water on a table of strangers, and threw up on Marty’s truck. Win. Christi:5 World:2

I’d also like to clear up some rumors. I didn’t pee on the floor of the bathroom, someone was joking, although that does sound like something I’d do. Also. I did not “go home” with Sterling, I went to Sterling’s and passed out on the floor of the bathroom. It was funny everyone was mad at him and Marty because they wouldn’t let me stay out and play, but I made them promise me not to let me go home with anyone else. And since Sterling does an excellent job determining when I’m getting close to heaving, they felt it was appropriate to take me to bed.

The last thing from the street that I remember is Robert running away with my pink feathered boa. The last thing I remember from the truck is my head hanging out of it. And the last thing I remember from Sterling’s is the bathroom carpet.

So. Last night was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. I apologize to anyone scarred or hurt in the process of my fun. All in all, I’m happy.



About misschrislee

Laughter really is the best medicine.
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