So many things to love about my life

So here in Arizona, Fall is my ideal summer. I’m currently belly flopped on a giant towel in the back yard. Not to tan, just to lay in the shade.

There are so many amazing things and thoughts, reasons why I feel so blessed to be in this exact coordinate in this exact form. With the slight breeze, the smell (and itch) of freshly cut grass. My parent’s show pony of a dog doing her laps around the yard..

Both of us gulp water. Have you ever thought about how many things we use water for? Not just drinking and showering. Its a universal need for human life.

So for today, I love life a lot. The people I get to see everyday. The drive to work with the windows down. The trips to Montana. And simply laying in my parent’s back yard.

Tomorrow I might hate life. So finding moments like this to appreciate my life I’ll go ahead and embrace.


About misschrislee

Laughter really is the best medicine.
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