Tricky Brain.

People set themselves up for disappointment in regards to their expectations in relationships. Not only that, but people develop the ideal person in their heads making it near impossible to find the right person.
How the hell are you supposed to fall in love? I’ve become near obsessed with “Dean” from supernatural. Not Jensen Ackles, the character that plays Dean Winchester. I’m talking DEAN. The prospective vessel to the Archangel Michael.
… Ahem. What the living fuck is wrong with me. How the hell am I going to develop feelings.. yes feelings… for a fictitious character on “the CW.” There isn’t a prescription drug in the world to save my crazy ass from this situation. There isn’t a thing my therapist could say to analyze this so I feel less.. deranged. I’m the average 20 yr old girl, who has become so lonely and retarded, that I’ve fostered psychotic needs for men that don’t exist.
For the past few months I’ve been asked out on dates that I refuse because they don’t meet the needs of my “ideal guy.” How shallow is it to need a guy to be gorgeous… like Dean… in order to agree on a date. Be a dick, be a douche, be a dumb-ass, but by God you had better look like Dean. Really…?
He’s beautiful…


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Laughter really is the best medicine.
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